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Korea has established one of the most advanced infrastructures for education information through constant efforts over the past two decades. In this process, KERIS has positively contributed to Korea’s educational development and enhancement of Korea’s prestigious educational brand. This has been accomplished through the use of information and communications technology(ICT) in education and academic research, in educational administration and finance, through standards and quality assurance, security of education and research information, policy support and research on the use of ICT, and imperative global cooperation.

KERIS has been providing the public with Korea’s leading education and research information services; the most noticeable contribution includes the elementary and secondary education information service ‘EDUNET’, the research information sharing service ‘RISS’, the national education information system ‘NEIS’, the integrated local educational administration and finance system ‘Edufine’, and the education data system ‘EDS’.

In 2013, we worked to create a basis for implementing smart education by building a learning environment, which enables the use of diverse teaching-learning materials in the education field. While increasing customer satisfaction with services by drastically expanding domestic and overseas research information, we spread the culture of sharing knowledge and opportunities for people’s continuing education through the active use of KOCW(Korea Open Course Ware), a joint use service of teaching-learning materials in higher education. By constantly improving NEIS and Edufine services, we have also reduced the administrative workload for teachers and improved user-friendliness.

In addition, KERIS created a safer online education environment by reinforcing security controls and security violation prevention system in the educational field in response to rapidly increasing online security violation incidents. We also transferred Korea’s successful experience of e-Learning to the international community through international cooperation and official development assistance (ODA).

Through the convergence of education with ever-evolving ICT, including mobile, cloud computing, big data and the Internet environment of Things, KERIS will continue to expand its projects and research to create meaningful changes in Korea’s education.

Thank you!

Seog-Soo Han,
President of the Korea Education and Research Information Service