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Welcome to the English website of the Korea Education and Research Information Service.

It is my pleasure to deliver to an introduction of KERIS.

Since its foundation on April 22nd, 1999, KERIS has promoted public education through the use of information and communications technology(ICT) in schools, raised competitiveness in academic research through the use of ICT in academic research, secured the people¡¯s right to know about their children¡¯s education through the disclosure of educational information, and implemented advanced information services for educational administration and finance through the use of ICTs. We at KERIS have also made every effort to facilitate Korea¡¯s educational development by enhancing the level of ICT use in educational institutions. We have done so through various means such as, the protection of educational information and support for information technology by strengthening standards and quality in education and research information, and by promoting Korea¡¯s educational brand status through global cooperation.

Based on these efforts, KERIS has been providing people with Korea¡¯s leading education and research information services including the primary and secondary education information service ¡°EDUNET¡±, the research information sharing service ¡°RISS¡±, the national education information system ¡°NEIS¡±, and the integrated educational finance e-system, ¡°Edufine¡±.

Furthermore, KERIS takes the initiative in Korea¡¯s use of ICT in education by supporting the implementation of SMART education strategies through the establishment of future schools. We also play a major role in creating a virtuous circle of ensuring basic academic abilities in connection with NEIS by providing an online assessment system for developing teachers¡¯ abilities and information disclosure. As evidenced by visits from more than sixty countries every year, KERIS has contributed to attracting the world¡¯s attention to Korea¡¯s ICT use in education.

KERIS aims to provide customer-centered, advanced educational information services through communication with teachers, students, parents, and all those involved in education. We will exert our efforts to create an educational environment where students can dream of their future, teachers can teach with delight, and parents can send their children to school with peace of mind. We at KERIS will do our best in serving as the growth engine that will drive Korea¡¯s future educational progress.

Again, welcome to the KERIS official website, and I hope our homepage will serve as a channel for communication that provides you with useful information and material.

I sincerely appreciate all of you for your continued support, interest, and encouragement.

Thank you very much.

Sungbin Lim,
president of the Korea Education and Research Information Service