Mission Statement


KERIS is doing its utmost to develop human resources through e-Learning, regain public trust in education, lay a foundation for a knowledge and information-based society by activation of e-Learning, and to enhance national education and research competitiveness through academy digitalization.

Mission Statement Chart

Major Task

  • Operation of a Center for Teaching & Learning and a cyber home learning support system through the use of EDUNET
  • Establishment of an educational environment based on digital text books and the development of digital text books
  • Operational planning and technical support for the National Education Information System(NEIS)
  • Establishment and operation of an edutaional information disclosure and online college admission information system
  • Establishment and operation of integrated provincial educational administration & finance systems
  • Support for the facilitation of school libraries and establishment of e-Libraries
  • Establishment and operation of research infrastructure through an expanded system to jointly use research information at home and abroad
  • Establishment of an e-Learning sharing system in higher education and support for facilitaion of college informatization
  • Educational planning and support for e-Learning activities in the future through R&D on learning
  • Establishment and operation of a national e-Learning quality management system
  • Establishment of e-Learning standardization and a copyright management system
  • Operation of the Education Cyber Security Center and the Education Public Key Infrastructure Center
  • Support for the globalization of e-Learning through international consulting on ICT in education
  • International exchange and cooperation with regard to ICT in education & research and support for an international e-Learning Cooperation Team