KORIEC Process

Differences between Korea’s ODA projects and KORIEC

  • Korea’s ODA projects are implemented by the Korea International Cooperation Agency and Korea Eximbank for all sectors of society.
  • KORIEC is a development and cooperation project for developing countries ,implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and KERIS with a special focus on the "ICT use in education."
  • KORIEC is a preliminary project that precedes the ODA project and reviews the ICT in education projects for developing countries and conducts feasibility studies on the basis of mutual trust between partner countries.
Propose cooperation and decide to provide consulting
If any partner countries propose cooperation for consulting to the MEST or KERIS, the Korean government reviews the necessity and decides to provide consulting when needed.
The Korean government selects partner countries for consulting, proposes consulting services to the countries, and decides on provision of the consulting service when partner countries accept the proposal.
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Constitute consulting team
Constitute consulting team, considering the characteristics of partner countries.
Consulting team is formed by the Korean government.
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Enter into an agreement
Enter into bilateral agreements for effective implementation of the project.
This process is omitted with countries which have already entered into agreements.
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Establish implementation plan
Establish detailed implementation plan.
Send pre-questionnaire to partner countries.
Conduct detailed surveys and collect data about partner countries.
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Conduct field surveys
Consulting team visits partner countries and conduct field surveys of their educational environment and specific needs.
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Develop tasks
Set specific consulting goals based on the results of the field surveys and develop tasks.
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Prepare consulting report
Upon returning home, devise an action plan in consultation with partner countries.
Reach final conclusion for consulting through constant consultation with partner countries.
Prepare final consulting report, translate the report into English and send it to partner countries.
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Discuss additional business
Discuss the need for additional business after consulting is completed.
Discuss the need for connection with Korea's ODA projects.