KERIS Signs a MOU with Kyungpook National University

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  KERIS and Kyungpook National University concluded a business cooperation agreement on February 22 in the first meeting room of the 3rd floor of Kyungpook National University. Through this agreement, the two institutions will jointly work on educational informatization and educational cooperation in developing countries in higher education.

  The main contents of the agreement are 'Promoting international education cooperation in academic research, development cooperation and higher education', 'Promoting human resource and cultural exchanges related to educational information', 'Seminars for educational development and promotion support cooperation.'

  ​KERIS President Seog-Soo Han said, "Since last year, KERIS has been commissioned the ACU (ASEAN Cyber ​​University) secretariat function and have shared e-learning experiences with universities in ASEAN countries and jointly developed and utilized OER contents. If KERIS and Kyungpook National University have accumulated experiences and networks for international cooperation, we will be able to find meaningful businesses nationwide. "

  Kim Sang-dong, president of Kyungpook National University, said, "With this agreement, we will be more active in sharing resources and exchanging human resources. In addition, Kyungpook National University is expected to contribute greatly to the development of education both at home and abroad as a national university by utilizing the global network of KERIS. "

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