2017 Asia-Pacific Ministerial Forum on ICT in Education

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KERIS, with Ministry of Education and UNESCO hosted the 2017 Asia-Pacific Ministerial Forum on ICT in Education on the theme of “Shaping Up ICT-supported Lifelong Learning for All” at Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel from May 11th and 12th.

About 120 participants attended the forum and the participant list includes ministers, deputy ministers, chief representatives of Ministry of Education from 32 countries, and ICT in Education specialist of international organizations such as UNESCO, the United Nations Office for International Information and Telecommunication (ITU), the United Nations Statistical Office (UIS), the Association for Southeast Asian Studies (SEAMEO), UNESCO Institute for Educational Information Technology (IITE) and more.

Asia-Pacific regional strategies were established in the forum by drawing consensus on the educational use of ICT to achieve the Education 2030 goal. Participants also visited an exemplary school of ICT in Education in Korea to observe ICT use in the actual education field. They also had a opportunity to get acquainted with examples of ICT in education in Korea through an expert seminar by learning about flipped learning using K-MOOC and innovations in teaching and learning using open educational resources(OER).

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