The 130th KERIS Future Education Forum and Digital Literacy Utilization Workshop

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On August 9th, KERIS hosted a forum for the establishment of future education policy in cooperation with the Korea Internet Specialist Association and the Seoul Digital Foundation at the Digital Innovation Park Sangsangmadang. In this forum, which was held on the subject of 'Future Education Response, Digital Literacy', ▲ Professor Kim Hye Sook of Daegu University presented on, 'The level of digital literacy competence of Korean students - PISA and ICILS' and ▲ Professor Kim Hye Sook of Daegu University presented on, 'Change of Digital Literacy at home and abroad and future-oriented framework'. Followed by discussion, there were question-and-answer sessions.

KERIS President Seog-Soo Han said "As a result of the recent PISA survey, KERIS has found that the level of ICT utilization in Korea, as well as the interest and competence in digital media and devices, and the index of autonomy, are at the lowest level among OECD countries. Through this forum, I look forward to exploring digital literacy as a key competency in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the way to apply it to the specific curriculum."

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