Uganda Solar School's on-the-spot training to enhance ICT utilization

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KERIS will work with Makerere University in Uganda from September 4th to 8th to have onsite training to strengthen ICT fundamental abilities for Uganda solar school teachers. This seminar, which is held for 40 faculty members, focuses on strengthening the basic knowledge of teaching and learning using ICT in order to improve the utilization of solar school. It also provides various topics such as effective management of class materials development and learning activities, and online-based collaborative learning.

Lwazi Robinson, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education in Uganda Ministry of Education said, "The knowledge and know-how gained through this training should not stay here but will be applied to the field of learning and to fellow teachers who have not participated in the training. Teachers take a more proactive role in improving the learning environment." KERIS is currently promoting 'Solar School Project' with 9 African countries. Among them, Uganda operates solar schools in two districts, Kampala and Wakiso.

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