KERIS-KNUE signs Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)

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KERIS and KNUE(Korea National University of Education) signed a MOU on February 20 at the headquarters of KNUE. This agreement was to enhance the synergy effect of the projects promoted by the two institutions, to strengthen the international competitiveness of higher education institutions, and to actively exchange information on future educational reforms.

The main cooperation areas include: ICT ODA(Official Development Assistance) project for developing countries and joint development and utilization of academic materials and open educational resources (OER). In particular, KERIS plans to support Korean teachers' global competence by supporting the participation of pre-service teachers in the training of strengthening teachers' capacity of partner countries as part of the official development assistance (ODA) project. Through this agreement, KERIS and KNUE are expected to find meaningful projects in our educational development by sharing human and material resources.

<Photo courtesy of KNUE>

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